Mid State Builders Exchange was established in Ocala, Florida, in 1975. Our mission was to publish a weekly bulletin listing construction projects bidding in North Central Florida and provide a plan room where members could review plans and specifications for the purpose of preparing their bids.

Mid State Builders Exchange now has over 250 members. Our members include general contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and other related trades and services.

Electronic Plan Room allows our members to view projects in North Central Florida. It allows you to view 100s of permits applied for in 4 counties, projects in design, bidding, results and awards. Through our Internet Planroom Information Network (IPIN) you can track projects and set up filters for specific types of projects and areas with email notices. In addition, we email or fax a nightly Update of new projects, addendas and late bidders that have been received that day. Plans, specs and addenda are posted as we receive them. Plans are viewable, printable & scalable. Our On-Center Viewer allows you to count, shade, measure linear footage and/or square footage.

Private Projects Basic allows member General Contractors to let non-member subcontractors and suppliers access plans for a specific project on our site by generating an access code

Private Projects Plus allows member General Contractors to post a project that only subcontractors and suppliers with an access code will be able to view

Copy Center allows our members to make copies & prints from 8 1/2 X 11 to 36 X 48 and we can reduce or enlarge any prints.

If you are interested in additional information, please contact us or simply try a free 5 day trial

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