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Private Projects
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  Welcome to Private Projects, a new bidding service provided by Midstate Builders Exchange, Inc..

General Contractors, Architects, Engineers and Owners may use this service to post private/negotiated jobs and limit access to subcontractors and suppliers by providing access codes to a select group.

Subcontractors and suppliers may use this service to gain access to project information (plans, specifications and addenda) even if they are not a member of Midstate Builders Exchange, Inc..
  Non-member subcontractors and suppliers may obtain access after registering for this service (at no charge) by clicking 'Non-Member Registration'.
NOTE: You must have a specific project code in order to access project information.

Private Projects is an exclusive service offered to General Contractors, Architects, Engineers and Owners to manage plans, specifications and project information dissemination by Midstate Builders Exchange, Inc. For more information on this service, contact Midstate Builders Exchange, Inc. (352) 351-5292 or email us at