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CONSTRUCTION LEADS: Our Electronic Planroom allows Members to have access to projects in Design Phase, projects currently bidding with bid dates, scopes, plans, specs, addendas, & bidders. Online plans are viewable, printable and scaleable, in addition permits applied for in 4 Counties. 100’s of leads each week.

DOCUMENT DISTRIBUTION: Allows Architects, Engineers, Owners & Contractors to distribute bid documents by paper, electronic or through our website to bidders.

PROJECT ADVERTISEMENT: Allows Architects, Engineers, Owners & Contractors To Advertise Projects to our membership or through the Private Projects section where only invited bidders with a pass code can view the project.

ADVANTAGE: Contractors rely upon plan room services to find bidding information for multiple projects in one central location rather than combing through massive amounts of data in multiple locations and formats. This allows contractors to focus on preparing a thorough and competitive cost estimate rather than waste valuable time searching for information.




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